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14th November 2007 Hsphere Servers
We have issues with nt50, think its going through a chkdsk. Heading down to the datacenter to take a look at it.
Edit- Server was going through a chkdsk, its up and running.
24th October 2007 Hsphere Servers
CF3 is going through a check disk, and will be down for an hour or two. As most of you may know there have been constant issues with it all night, the issues are being worked on. If we can't fix it, we will throw the server out in the middle of I-4 and let the Semis run it over

06th August 2007


Hsphere Servers


We will be upgrading the Windows servers to PHP5 in the near future. We need feedback on how long you need to prepare for the upgrade. Please bear in mind this is time to prepare, not time to put it off until the last minute.

06th August 2007 Hsphere Servers

Currently on NT44 we are experiencing some quota issues making upload scripts and a few other things not work correctly, as soon as this is fixed we will let everyone know by updating here.